MBT Ammunition Edit

Kinetic Energy (such as APDS) Edit

A kinetic energy (KE) penetrator is a type of ammunition which does not contain high-explosive and relies on kinetic energy to penetrate the target. KE tank shells are often constructed in such a way so as to maximise muzzle-velocity (and hence KE); this can involve the use of sub-caliber sabotted ammunition.

Shaped-Charge (such as HEAT) Edit

These use concave-shaped high-explosive to focus an explosion into a jet of hot plasma. This permits deeper penetration of armour than would otherwise be possible with a standard explosive shell.

Other Types of Ammunition: Edit

  • Plastic (such as HESH) - which detonates after a delay to create internal armor spalling
  • Top-Attack (such as STAFF) - computer-controlled munitions for targeting thinner top armor
  • Multi-purpose rounds (such as MPAT) - typically combining a smaller shaped-charge with a small fragmentation round for anti-infantry or anti-helo use
  • Canister/Flechette - for urban anti-infantry situations