How do I install the game?Edit

After downloading, extract the files to your desired location using a file archiving program such as the excellent 7-Zip.

How do I start a game?Edit

In the folder you extracted the game to, you will find the game's executable file. Open it and the start up screen will follow.

What should I do if the game is crashing, freezes, displays unusual behaviour or simply doesn't start?Edit

If the game keeps crashing at startup or afterwards, it is recommended that you update your graphic drivers to the latest version. That should fix most of the conflicts. It's also recommended to keep other drivers up-to-date as well.

In case problem is persistent, ask for technical assistance and/or report the bug at the Techical Support section of the forum.

How do I start the battle?Edit

In start up scenario click on Generate scenario button and follow the Quick mission guide.

After that, the formation selection screen will open unless you set troop selection to "Automatic". You can select/remove a formation by left clicking the name twice, or with a single right click. You have to select at least one ground formation before you can press "Done" to continue.