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The German Democratic Republic is introduced as a unofficial custom faction in the fan mod released in the AB forums of the same name. It is still being in development, albeit in a slow pace. The mod currently supports the v0.813c Test Build of the game, with support for version 0812b being in development.

The military of East Germany, the National People's Army is a force generally stylized upon the Warsaw Pact structure model, with nearly all of the military hardware being from Soviet production with the exception of certain small arms models. The main features distinguishing it from the Soviets is the high level of readiness and training combined with a strong, loyal officer corps.

History Edit

The German Democratic Republic was a satellite state established in October 1949 by the Soviet Union from the already well entrenched Soviet Occupation Zone of Germany. Since it's very establishment, the East Germany was under heavy Soviet influence as a direct border state with the West, the repercussions of this were seen in the daily life in the Republic.

The armed forces of the GDR, the National People's Army enjoyed special privileges within the structure of the Warsaw Pact, members of the NPA were considered to be highly trained and motivated, with the priority being set for the delivery of military equipment. The National People's Army also enjoyed a close relationship with the Group of Soviet Forces in Germany and operational was to be used in the first strike route to the West in case of a global war breaking out.

Tactics Edit

Generally, same tactics as for the USSR faction do apply, with the initial advancement in the meeting engagment phase being easier thanks to the more rapid access to air force support, the increased battlefield morale of soldiers and access to some more unique equipment that the Soviet Union does not posses in the Armored Brigade. The GDR can deploy specialized recon infantry with sniper rifle support and can employ the modernized T-55 model equipped with ERA armor and GLATGM capabilites.

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