Quick guide to starting up a generated missionEdit

Mission generation happens in 4 steps represented by three distinct pages:

  1. Choosing mission conditions
    Gen set
  2. Map selection
  3. Setting force ratios
  4. Force selection

The first page - Mission Conditions have the most settings. It is divided into 5 sections.

In General section you can choose the date, player and AI armies. Force A is always player, Force B is always controled by AI.

In Forces you can set:

  • how many Combat Power points sides have.
  • Force type for both sides and manual\automatic force selections.
  • air superiority - it determines whether one or both sides can choose Air Support.

In Map you can set the map sizes, map terrain type and ground condition.

In Situation you set mission type, defence preparedness, player starting edge, visibility, temperature, number of objectives on map and amount of victory points.

In Time of Day you choose the mission starting time and day parameters.

Notice two more parameters displayed in a bottom right corner, just above the buttons. Force B combat power displays real amount of combat power the AI gets taking in account the mission type and defence preparedness. Estimated time limit displays how much time you roughly have until mission ends.