Yugoslavia Edit

Yugoslav military doctrine assumed an omnidirectional threat, but its strategy and tactics presupposed a heavily armored and mechanized Soviet or Soviet-led Warsaw Pact invasion, entering from the northeast and driving southwest to split the country. Major exercises were held every few years to test the doctrine in action. Special attention went to coordinating combat actions between Yugoslav People's Army and Territorial Defence Forces.


"Total national defence" doctrine required the YPA to blunt or at least slow an enemy invasion in the north. While conventional forces fought defensive actions along a nationwide front, one to three million citizen-soldiers would mobilize in TDF units. Small TDF units would engage alongside beside regular troops in their local areas, with TDF tactics emphasizing mobility and light antipersonnel and antiarmor weapons. The terrain would become increasingly favorable to the defenders as fighting shifted from the Danubian plain to the less developed mountainous and forested areas of the Adriatic littoral and southern Yugoslavia. On this terrain the tanks, mechanized infantry, and self-propelled artillery of a superior enemy force would be less effective.

Because battlefield, arms development, and production competition with the larger powers was impossible, Yugoslav doctrine, strategy, and tactics tried to use limited national defense resources in the most efficient way. Units in the game, as well the gameplay strategy, reflects this doctrine. Yugoslavia is a balanced, all-around force that will perform satisfactorily in every field, but it will not excell.

A combined arms approach is extremely important when facing technically superior forces. A player will note there are some World War Two vintage AFVs, which were modernised and can be handy units given their low price. Counterattacking into enemy position may deny any consistent 'front' to the enemy.

Closing into enemy units is very important. Yugoslav infantry have abundance of light antiarmor weapons, including recoilless rifles, but they should be positioned on flanks in order to be effective, especially if enemy tanks are equipped with ERA or laminated armor. Mainstay of ATGMs is represented by AT-3 Sagger(MCLOS for infantry, SACLOS for vehicles and helicopters) which provide to some extent a longer range, but they should be used en-mass and again: on flanks. Occasional AT-4 Spigot or AT gun may provide a marginally better defence.

M-84 should be player's premiere offensive weapon. Based on T-72, this tank featured better laminate armor, autoloader, engine than his Soviet counterpart, and most importantly FCSs that could even match NATO systems (except thermal imaging).